Stuffed Animals – How to Take Good Care of Them

That is not something you hear about every day! Animal Control jobs are normally not very high on the wage scale. The people working these animal control Computer science and care jobs have huge hearts and make a great sacrifice in pay just to do them and understandably so. Their reward may not be financial and many of them would do it for nothing if they had to. They do it for the love of the job and helping animals live a better life.

Loving ones job is very important to living a full and happy life. Money does not buy happiness and receiving a high salary in a job that you hate does make you feel better, but not absolutely content.

The wildlife industry has taken shape in the last decade and has created some good paying Animal Control jobs.

These jobs are very unique and require a different skill set than the traditional Police Department Animal Control that primarily works with domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

Animal Control Officers must undergo rigorous law enforcement training, human relations training and animal care and control certifications. A lot of training is required for becoming an Animal Control Officer. Some agencies carry firearms and more training is required for this certification.

Often cities and counties are not adequately funded to pay their Animal Control Officers a good wage. These people are often on the front lines risking their lives in much the same way as a Police Officer, but with less pay!

You wouldn’t think that their job would carry too much risk with the exception of a dog bite would you? But the reality is that Animal Control Agents have guns pulled on them, punches thrown and other violent behavior directed at them during the course of their work. Some even find drugs at the property while interviewing a pet owner. This could lead to a more dangerous encounter on the job with someone protecting their “cash crop” of marijuana or worse!

Animal Control Officer Jobs and an Animal Care Control job are not without risks.

So where does that leave someone who wants to work with animals but may not want the risk of a disgruntled pet owner to deal with?

It could very well lead you to working with wildlife in a more relaxed and stress free environment. We have yet to have someone pull a gun on us because we were removing the squirrels from their attic! If they do, they can certainly keep those squirrels in their attic!

Wildlife is such a fun and exciting career. The challenges are always there to hold your interest and each day is different than the one before. Our clients love to see us when we arrive. Our job is a much needed service and a very important one. In fact Animal Control Officers and Wildlife Management Professionals work in concert to help wildlife and domestic animals. It is not uncommon for the Wildlife Management Professional to remove cats and even dogs that are hard to capture. Together they make a great team to help their community control wildlife and animals when things get out of control.