How To Fix a Freezer Which Isn’t Freezing

Whether you have got an difficulty along with your fridge freezer now not running efficiently due to it no longer freezing, or it failing to reach the best temperature, there may supplier of compressor scrap  be no reason why you can’t repair rather than update the freezer your self.

To provide you with a helping hand, underneath you’ll locate recommendation at the 5 maximum common faults referring to your freezer not freezing, details of some of the less commonplace faults and more importantly steerage on how to restore your freezer.

Things You Need To Know About Your Freezer:

Before you can begin to diagnose your freezer, there are a few matters we propose you’re acquainted with – including the temperature your freezer must be at, and the importance of retaining your freezer in the right place – as these could be the purpose your freezer isn’t freezing.

Correct Temperature For Your Freezer:

The ideal temperature for your freezer is -18°C. By having your freezer at the suitable temperature no longer most effective will you help keep your meals safe by way of maintaining vitamins and slowing the enzymes inside your meals, however it will also help prevent the growth of bacteria.

Testing your freezer’s temperature is notably trustworthy. Simply region a freezer thermometer between bags of vegetables in the freezer and depart this for more than one hours, before checking.

Location of Freezer:

The place of your freezer can make all of the difference to how properly your appliance plays. If it is positioned in a place that’s too hot or too bloodless, the freezer might be required to work tougher to stay at the best temperature and this will bring about faults developing.

To give you a better concept of in which to preserve your freezer you need to check the weather magnificence of your appliance. This will offer steerage to the minimal and most temperature your appliance need to be uncovered to, and the climate instructions to be had are as follows…

• N – minimum temperature = 16°C, most temperature = 32°C
• SN – minimum temperature = 10°C, most temperature = 32°C
• ST – minimum temperature = 18°C, maximum temperature = 38°C
• T – minimum temperature = 18°C, most temperature = 43°C

As a rule of thumb, we would also suggest you do not region your freezer immediately next to the cooker or in view of direct sunlight, as this could reveal the equipment to prolonged warmness, ensuing in it having to paintings more difficult.

Five Reasons Your Freezer May Not Be Cooling:

Understandably, if your freezer is not freezing correctly you’ll be involved – mainly as there is a great risk your meals can damage. But the reason for your freezer no longer freezing can be especially simple, and below are the 5 not unusual motives for any such fault.

Condenser Coils Are Dirty:

Ideally the condenser coils to your freezer should be wiped clean each six months. This is because, if they’re excessively dirty they might not be able to dissipate the heat successfully, that allows you to lessen the cooling capacity of your freezer.

Cleaning the condenser coils is a relatively easy process, which involves jogging the vacuum hose over the coils to raise off and away any dirt which may be clogging them up.

Evaporator Fan Motor Fault:

The evaporator fan motor draws air over the evaporator coils and circulates it at some point of your freezer, if this isn’t operating your freezer will not cool. You can check if the evaporator fan motor is the issue with your freezer by using beginning the freezer door and then manually activating the door transfer.

If the door switch is activated however your evaporator fan does not run, the evaporator fan will want replacing, an