How Can You Earn with Instagram?

Instagram offers brand partnerships outside the platform and affiliate marketing. Using affiliate marketing means promoting the products of an online merchant like Amazon Associates or ClickBank.

Your posts, Stories, or Instagram bio will include an affiliate link or promotional code. If viewers buy the highlighted products through those links, you’ll earn a commission. Pay-per-click or cost-per-acquisition partnerships usually have commission rates between 10 and 20%. Therefore, you’ll be paid based on the customer’s ‘worth,’ how much they’ve spent, and more.

  1. Partner with brands

Make sponsored posts that fit your brand and your online persona, tailor-made for the brand. You get paid more if you have a strong channel and engaged followers. Micro-influencers typically earn $250 to $300 for sponsored posts.

  1. Go Live with Badges

Instagram Live sessions support badges. You can sell these little tokens to your followers for $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99. Live sessions show them as hearts. Badge creators receive 100% of revenue minus taxes.

  1. Instagram video ads

Instagram allows you to play commercials in-stream. Ad revenue will be split 55% with you if you choose. Online marketing videos can be made with iconosquare. Earning depends on how many views you get.

  1. Become a retailer

Sell your stuff here. With a Business or Creator account and a product catalog, you can broaden the reach and appeal of your product.

Previously, creators had to link to their merch externally. Your current and new followers can access everything you sell on Instagram Shopping. Shops can be integrated into content.

  1. Bonuses for reaching milestones

Content creators can now earn Bonuses through ‘Gram. Instagram Video ads earn you a one-time Bonus.

Reels Play Bonuses are also available once your Instagram reels reach a certain number of views. You have 30 days to earn money by viewing the Reels you selected. To receive $35,000, one creator claimed they’d need 359 million views.