Get the Trusted Quality of a Top Brand Bathtub

People are extremely picky about the brand of bathtub they choose, and this is especially true for people who have multiple bathtub brands. It is understandable that people would want a luxurious, branded bathtub or solid surface bathtub.

This article will show you some bathtub brands that are both sophisticated and durable.

Kohler Bathtubs

John Michael Kohler was the founder of Kohler in 1883. The Kohler bathtub is named for him. Kohler has been well-known for making bathtubs since then. Cast iron is the most popular material for Kohler’s bathtub.

Kohler bath modules are well-known for their combination of showers and baths, which are ideal for modern homes. These modules are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be installed in a wide range of configurations.

Kohler bathtubs have many benefits, including their ease-of-use designs and slip resistance finish. Each bath is unique and offers safety, comfort, and convenience. Kohler’s bath and shower modules are made from acrylic and fiberglass.

Kohler offers a wide range of whirlpool tubs that can be used to rejuvenate and relax.

American Standard bathtubs

American Standard is known all over the globe for their brand name. Their enameling cast iron bathtubs are a trademark. American standard bathtubs have been in high demand since 1883 due to their many designs and easier-to-clean bath tubs

There are many American Standard bathtubs. There are many American Standard bathtubs.

All the above-mentioned tubs cost between $500 and $1500.

Porcher Bathtubs

Porcher bathtubs have been created by some of the most renowned designers. These tubs make it easy to create your bathroom with your personal style.Porcher bathtubs can be a unique way to give your bathroom a special look.

Porcher bathtubs come in four collections: The Classique Collection; The European Fashion Collection; The Traditional Collection; and The Designer Resource Collection.

MAAX Bathtubs

MAAX was established in 1969. It is a Canadian company with a Quebec headquarters. MAAX has been making bathtubs since 1969. They are the third-largest manufacturer of fiberglass tub showers

Some of the MAAX Collections in the US

  • The MAAX Pearl collection was specifically designed for hydrotherapy at-home and comes in approximately twenty-five styles
  • The MAAX villa is an acrylic bathtub designed for new construction. They are available in 27 styles.
  • The Advanta MAAX bathtubs have a modern design and feature. They are available in 16 styles.
  • The MAAX Collection bathtubs are distinguished and available in eighteen models.

It’s worthwhile to spend money on things that are truly worth your time. These four brands are well worth every penny you spend!

Rob Barnes is a writer for Bathtubs For You. This consumer guide helps you choose, buy, and maintain bathtubs. It covers brands like American Standard and Porcher.