Differences Between Snooker and 8 Ball Billiards

Snooker is a sport that is often referred to as having been developed in Britain but was in fact developed by British soldiers whilst posted in India. This is a cue sport that has become very popular in the UK as well as in many other English speaking countries. It has also become very popular in China.

This is a sport that can be, and often is, enjoyed 5 world snooker championship schedule by people of all ages, from teens through to pensioners, and by both sexes when it comes to leisure, although it is predominantly associated with males. It is an offshoot of the centuries old game known as billiards.

A large green baize covered table is used to play this particular game and the table has six pockets, one on each side of the table and one on each of the four corners. There are twenty two balls used in this game and these are made up of fifteen red balls, one white ball, and one black ball. There is also one ball in each of the following colours: yellow, green, brown, blue, and pink.

The white ball in this game is the cue ball, which means that it is the ball that you aim to strike the other balls with. The other balls are all worth different points, which are: one point for each red ball, two points for the yellow, three points for the green, four points for the brown, five points for the blue, six points for the pink, and seven points for the black.

Each individual game in a match is known as a frame and these frames are won by one team scoring more points than their opponents. After a certain number of frames have been won by a particular player or team the match is won. Basically, the teams or players aim to score more points than their opponents by potting the balls using the cue ball and in a particular order.

When playing the game the players have to take it in turns to try and pot a red ball with the white. If a player pots a red into one of the pockets he or she then gets the opportunity to try and pot a colour. The coloured ball, if potted, is then back on the table. This continues until all of the reds have been potted by the players and only the coloured ones are left. The coloured balls then have to be potted in order of their points value starting with the lowest value one – the yellow – first. This time the coloured balls remain in the pockets when they are potted and the person with the most points when the final ball is potted, which will be the black, wins.