Australian Visa – Things You Need to Know

We have often heard it recommended that when immigration legal professionals recommend that laypersons keep away from filing their very own immigration office work, economic self-hobby is the most effective motivation. This is a ways from the truth. We can’t estimate how generally our company has had to try to undo the harm done to a perfectly correct case by way of an overconfident immigrant, human sources supervisor, or placement organization. Personally, I might rather lose a capacity consumer to another attorney than to see her take a risk on submitting her own office work with the USCIS. The likelihood of failure is just too high.

Following is a list of five extraordinary immigration horror tales which have come across our table for the reason that the satart of the 12 months. All of these unhappy conditions might have been averted if the events could have first consulted with an experienced immigration legal professional.


The CEO of a UK Software organisation based in Manchester referred to as me at the give up of April. She had been trying due to the fact that December 2006 to transfer 3 key personnel to a U.S. Subsidiary within the Southwestern United States. Two of those have been British residents, and one become a citizen of a country in Southeast Asia. This ought to had been a truthful case.

The company’s U.S. Accomplice attempted to handle the paperwork himself, for the reason that he’d formerly dealt with two NAFTA visas for a couple of Canadian experts. What the company did now not know became that the software requirements and approaches for a NAFTA visa vary significantly from the ones relevant to the L-1 intracompany transferee visa. Although the accomplice had all of the records and documents he had to procedure the case in January, he held up the petitions in order that he may want to studies the ideal L-1 strategies. It become overdue April, and the accomplice still had no longer moved ahead at the petitions.

I asked the CEO to courier me the data and documents. Within three weeks of receiving the files, we were capable of send all three of the transferees to the United Embassy in London to have their passports stamped with their L-1A visas. Problem solved.


An artists agent/promoter become trying to carry a group of Peruvian folk musicians to the U.S. For a sequence of music gala’s. Amazingly, he was able to properly put together and record the specified petition. He received the approval be aware from the USCIS inside 45 days. When the musicians went to the U.S. Consulate in Lima to choose up their visas, they have been denied. The hassle: The consular professional failed to consider the musicians had “sufficient ties to Peru”, despite the reality they’d lived all their lives in Peru, their mother and father, wives and kids lived in Peru, and that they had jobs and corporations to go back to in Peru as soon as the visas expired.

Having previously handled pretty some consular denials, we were given at the telephone with the U.S. Consular reliable who had handled the musicians, made a listing of all his objections, and reprocessed the visa applications. Within every week, the musicians have been issued their visas, and were on their manner to California. (Incidentally, earlier approval of a visa petition via USCIS does no longer assure issuance of the visa through the U.S. State Department; and earlier issuance of a visa by means of the U.S. Consulate does no longer guarantee admission to the U.S. With the aid of USCIS.)


Toward the give up of February we received a name from an exasperated younger guy who have been offered a job at a medical medical institution in Nevada as a scientific physicist. After a few independent research on the internet, he had decided that the clinic need to file an H-1B petition on his behalf. The corporation, which had by no means petitioned for an alien employee before, left the immigration information up to him.

He studied the USCIS website, downloaded the 870 parent visa forms, and sent them to the sanatorium. The sanatorium filled out the forms and despatched them into the USCIS with a submitting rate of $a hundred ninety.00. That became in January, and he still had no longer heard some thing from the USCIS. The source of his strain changed into the hearsay that started out circulating in February that the H-1B cap for the contemporary fiscal yr would be reached on April 2, 2007 — the very first day that the visa cap was slated to open. He wanted to know what could occur if his software was not accepted before the cap turned into reached.

Before managing his primary difficulty, we asked him to fax us all the files the medical institution had filed with the USCIS. Our worst suspicions had been confirmed, upon overview of the documents. The forms were filled out incorrectly, bureaucracy that did no longer should be filed had been filed in conjunction with the appropriate bureaucracy, and the filing price became incomplete. The prevailing salary for the location had now not been decided, and no exertions circumstance utility have been filed with the Department of Labor. Additionally, the medical institution had no longer supplied sufficient evidence concerning either the sanatorium or the position presented. Besides all of this, USCIS regulations were clean that petitions that reached its mailroom previous to April 2, 2007 could be rejected. Thus, it was clear to us that USCIS might sooner or later reject the petition. When we gave the young guy the horrific news, he become pretty skeptical. We advised that he pull again the authentic petition, and re-report a corrected petition precisely on April 2, 2007. He instructed us he would reflect onconsideration on it and get in touch with us returned.