2012 Predictions – The Christ Download in the Year 2012 (The Rapture)

Children's Ministries — Second Reformed Church

Did you know the Christ Energy has already returned like a thief in the night to Earth! For the past 25 Earth years, the Christ Energy known in the spiritual realms as the Photon Belt Energy has entered the Earth’s atmosphere and each year it has moved closer and closer. It is causing a speeding up of time – a time warp – as each year feels like it gets faster and faster.

The Photon Belt Christ Energy reached its peak here who is jesus on Earth in the year 2002 and will remain here at its peak until the year 2012. During the year 2012, the many thousands of Ascended Spiritual Masters (that include Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama the Buddha, and Mother Mary) will send down the full download of the Christ Energy to Earth to change the DNA structure of all mankind to hold a greater spiritual vibrational energy of love and light. These 2012 predictions are in fact a reality!

The Photon Belt Christ Energy has been sent early – prior to this main event in 2012 – to begin the cleansing process of the Earth planet. It was sent early in the mid 1980’s to prevent the world destroying itself through nuclear proliferation. This Christ Energy is raising the spiritual vibration of the Earth and has – and is still causing – many natural disasters in negative locations around the world. Many souls, who are not able to cope with the rise in the Earth’s spiritual vibration, are choosing to leave the Earth through these natural disasters, through suicide, and through chronic illnesses.

The Photon Belt Christ Energy – as part of this cleansing process of the Earth planet – is causing all the negative energy within people (repressed feelings of anger, hate, emotional pain, sadness, etc) accumulated over many lifetimes, to come to the surface. But why? It is doing this to give people the opportunity to seek counseling and other forms of emotional release therapy healing, so they can remove these negative feelings and be ready to receive the main download of the Christ Energy in the year 2012.

The Earth is being forced to evolve from a war-like planet to a more loving peaceful planet. This is known as planetary ascension. It is also what is referred to in the Bible as the Rapture. Only souls who are peaceful and loving will be able to re-incarnate to the Earth plane for their future incarnations. Those souls who remain negative and warlike, will be cleansed from the Earth plane through natural disasters, suicide, and chronic illness. These souls will be forced to re-incarnate onto other war-like planets in their future lives.